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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!


Tomo loves Jun, but she is really boyish (speaks like a boy, is the strongest karateka of her school...) and canot get him to think of her as a girl. Read the funny lives of Tomo, her best friend Misuzu and Jun!

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  • Birthday Present Chap

    Author Karen Cabacungan 13:22 - 06/02/2020

    when is the next episode.....

  • Fitness Chap 7

    Author jalilian wolf 11:54 - 06/02/2020

    translate of this manhwa has stoped?

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  • Heaven Defying Sword Chap 114

    Author Dexter 09:43 - 06/02/2020

    fix this

  • Given Chap

    Author Kaelin M 05:57 - 06/02/2020

    okokokokok but you didn't need to make me cry this muchdksjdhckhsdbckbemo

  • Domestic na Kanojo Chap

    Author johnny taberu 01:06 - 06/02/2020

    Don't worry sis i got your back, you can open it on here isekainews. Usually i read the review on this site where there's a lot of review about this comic :D

  • Domestic na Kanojo Chap

    Author reta tanaka 01:05 - 06/02/2020

    Wow domestic no kanojo is really amazing, I wonder where can i found the article that discuss about this chapter

  • Solo Leveling Chap

    Author johnny taberu 23:03 - 06/01/2020

    I heard that the season 2 delayed, as we all look in the situation right now, but here some comic that might be looked like solo leveling:
    - Ranker Who Lives Second Time (good graphic, cool character, and also good fighting manhwa if i might say)
    - Legendary moonlight sculpture (good plot, really enjoyable to read)
    - The Gamer (super cool character, and has good plot)
    - I Am The Sorcerer King (good graphic, and has awesome plot)
    - Tomb Raider King (really good plot, from the same author with who created the solo leveling)
    you can check in this soIoIeveIingmanhwa i hope it will help to fill out your curiosity while waiting the solo leveling season 2, enjoy reading XD

  • Solo Leveling Chap

    Author reta tanaka 22:59 - 06/01/2020

    Whatt!! it sucks if this comic stuck on season 1 TT, when the season 2 will come out i really want to know cos i damn curious about the story :(

  • Lilith's Cord Chap

    Author jrock 17:48 - 06/01/2020

    could you please release more chapters i wanted to see more

  • Star Martial God Technique Chap

    Author Hoho Irene 15:27 - 06/01/2020

    You can check it on wuxianews maybe you can get the info that you want, your welcome :)

  • Star Martial God Technique Chap

    Author Yuni Anggraeni 15:10 - 06/01/2020

    Is there any review for this comic? I really want to know more about this comic

  • Blood Link Chap 21

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  • Mr. Kang Chap 50

    Author Dirgan Dwi Sandy 05:31 - 06/01/2020

    chapter 50 is broken

  • Lilith's Cord Chap

    Author jrock 04:57 - 06/01/2020

    could you please release more chapters i wanted to see more please

  • Lilith's Cord Chap

    Author jrock 04:56 - 06/01/2020

    could you please release more chapters

  • Lookism Chap

    Author 321 123 02:59 - 06/01/2020


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    Author 02:37 - 06/01/2020

    well damn 
    Good raad :)